One-third iPhone buyers are Android switchers


During the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call yesterday, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed that around 30% of the new iPhone buyers in the quarter were those who switched from handsets running Google’s Android operating system.

One-third of new iPhone buyers last quarter were Android switchers


Cook further said that this is a new switching record ever since the company began tracking this information around three years ago. “It’s a huge number and we’re very proud of it,” he said. It was also revealed that only a third of existing iPhone users have upgraded to the newest iPhones till now.

It’s worth mentioning that Apple has been aggressively courting users of Android-powered devices – last year, the Cupertino-based company launched a dedicated website for them, and the Move to iOS app introduced in iOS 9 is also aimed at helping Android users switch to iOS.

Source: gsmarena.com


20 thoughts on “One-third iPhone buyers are Android switchers

  1. In the long run android will surpass IOS. Google’s ahead now as well no doubt.

  2. New android phones work fine. After 1 year or later they start to lag and freeze. This causes later firmware updates to make those lags intentionaly. This way android phone manufacturers make or at least try to make older phone owners to buy new models. The same way android owners doesn’t get long term firmware support and upgrades. This pisses most of android owners right off as well as the lie they get all the time.
    So for me (an android user) this is the last time buying android phone. Next time iOS or WP10 for maximum support.

  3. Anonymous, 1 hour agoIntel Core i7.. Intel Core i5..

    So what? Tegra have lousy battery management, either you cr… moreActually x1 is more efficient than ipad’s SoC, if both are set to the same fps lock, tegra uses much less battery AFAIK, but when you unleash the beast, its like a freaking short circuit! performance/Consumption is low but that thing is so powerful,

  4. Anonymous, 1 hour agoAs an Android fan, I have to admit that staying on Android for the quad core CPUs is retarded…. moreYeah, Apple’s new SoC is more powerful, but the thing is, 820 will eat that in a few days, and apples next processor with do the same. even if it doesn’t, the reason i love android isn’t that, its cheaper and i’m not supporting an evil company :) + it has ton’s of customization and a better OS in my opinion, there are tons of others! i would switch if maybe iphone 6s plus was available for 500-600$ for 64gb, and that is because of the soc!

  5. Tony, 1 hour agoThe way things are going with android it will be only matter of time before android becomes as… moreYeah :( I’m afraid the same will happen!

  6. x3mer, 1 hour agoAnd they should! Many of the Android manufacturers are recently acting like Apple, so why just… moreAgree! well 2 reasons i haven’t done that “yet”
    1. Price : which is starting to get the same, yet there are some cheap phones, nexus 6p’s price was disappointing :S
    2. Android.

    iPhone sounds like an empty beautiful box to me! it’s like an aluminum expensive luxury toy !

  7. Ranjit123, 1 hour agoAll Android Phones Lag after few Months and Years….IOS is Slightly Better than Android….I’ve seen Tons of iPhone’s crash, hang and lag, I’ve actually seen less android devices but i’ve seen some that do the same, if user’s don’t treat them like animals neither will lag :)

  8. ReesanVaine, 58 minutes agoI would move to iOS only if the CPU is quad core. (and up)
    considering the A10 rumors are tru… morewho cares about numbers, it fast and beats s6 even with offscreen!

    But i don’t think any of them have performance problems!

  9. How can Apple be so sure to called us Android switchers? I am an android users. I hate iphone in the past but buy it as a backup phone. Two OS user here, hello. Am not an android switchers. I just love the abundance of emojis and some certain apps that only available in IOS. Thats all where I give points to Apple. The rest, still use android as main phone.

  10. Dara, 41 minutes agoPoor softwar update is the main reason. And also people who update their entry level phones.who need s/w update jellybean has better features than ios 9

  11. Gibbs-kamhagh, 38 minutes agoYeah, Apple’s new SoC is more powerful, but the thing is, 820 will eat that in a few days, and… moreI think the total performance of the SD820 will be the same or slightly better than the Exynos 7420/Apple A9 but have a nice balance between the two with 4 cores (Instead of 2 or 8) and a beastly GPU (on par with the A9).

    Agree, the number 1 reason I won’t buy an Apple product is because it is the almost the worst company on earth, second only to that company that increased the price of AIDS medication by 5000% (They both use the same tactic though).

    I’ve just bought a Xiaomi Mi4C and compared to the iPhone 6 – It has better Audio, daylight photography, better speaker, bigger battery, better front camera, same performance, bigger display with better contrast and colour gamut (though it needs to be calibrated manually to be more accurate), same size but grippy matte exterior, dual sim – all of this for $217. And there is even CyanogenMod for it!

  12. I dont know why reading this article seemed to just scream marketing PR. 33% were switches from android, 30% were upgrades from previous iphones, so 37% came from where exactly? based on sales projections that would put it at 26 million people which never owned a phone before? or came from windows or blackberry OS? or is it the last hold outs from symbian who had the money for this kind of phone, but were holding out for there perfect phone? seems more like a look how many people switched from android to ios maybe you should to marketing campaign. who cares if we are lying about the numbers. but if we inflate it enough we are sure you to will have the urge to see why. and people say cook cant hold a candle to jobs. he learned well apparently.

  13. there is actually no contestable thing about this android and ios… they are two different entity.
    like for example, note 5 and iPhone 6s. how do you compare these two different units that offer a much like opposite features? as for me this November, I will definitely buy note5 for my productivity and iPhone 6s for style.

  14. jhonyy, 2 minutes agoI was Iphone 6 user and switched to Galaxy S6 this fall and I think in functionallity Galaxy s… moreWhat a lie…… Pathetic

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