Samsung SM-R150: upcoming cheap activity tracker

Samsung’s already launched quite a few wearables, but none of its offerings in this space have been especially affordable. And while perhaps that’s pretty much a given for a smartwatch, when it comes to activity trackers such as the Gear Fit there’s clearly room for more affordable options.

And that’s exactly what Samsung is working on, according to a new rumor on the matter. The Korean company’s upcoming affordable fitness tracker bears the model number SM-R150, and it’s been codenamed Triathlon internally.

Apparently the R150 might turn out to be a competitor to Xiaomi’s recently unveiled Mi Band 1S, at least when it comes to specs – save for the possible omission of the heart rate monitor. It’s still unclear how much Samsung’s new wearable will cost, though we doubt it will match the Mi Band’s $15 price.


8 thoughts on “Samsung SM-R150: upcoming cheap activity tracker

  1. lk.123, 13 hours agolooks like ms band 2! dont they have any designers of their own.That in the picture is Samsung Gear Fit released in April of 2014. MS’s first band didn’t come out until Oct of that year. The product discussed in article is “in work”.

    So you have serious reading issues on multiple levels.

  2. lk.123, 11 hours agolooks like ms band 2! dont they have any designers of their own.
    Hey bro, every since Mid of 2014, Samsung has been using this design.
    Xiao Mi china is the one inspired by Samsung.

  3. Samsung moving in the right direction !!!

    Samsung is known for its feature rich but low price products and they realized early that people won’t pay premium pricing for its products !!!

  4. green, 4 hours ago

    Hey bro, every since Mid of 2014, Samsung… moreDude, Ik.123 was talking about the MS (Microsoft) not Mi (Xiaomi). (-_-)
    Xiaomi’s Mi band is an amazing piece of tech for the price and have its very own unique design. Its design is not even 0.1% inspired by Samsung. (o_0)

  5. lk.123, 2 hours agolooks like ms band 2! dont they have any designers of their… this one is another new level of samsung hater… lol

    #satisfied gear fit owner

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