OnePlus One, 2 will get Android Marshmallow in Q1 2016

A OnePlus staff member shared the company’s Android plans over the OnePlus official forum. The shared details include timeframe for OnePlus One, Two and X.

OnePlus One will be the first to get Android Marshmallow as Cyanogen is already working on its next major version and the update will begin seeding in Q1 2016. OnePlus also offers Oxygen ROM for the OnePlus One, but it will receive the Marshmallow update at a later point, following the Cyanogen OS release.

OnePlus 2 will also be getting its Marshmallow-sweeten Oxygen update through the first quarter of 2016. This update will also allow users and developers to use the default Google API for the fingerprint scanner, as it is currently locked to non-default apps by not having a proper API.

Finally, OnePlus X is also greenlighted for Android 6 Marshmallow update, but its time frame is yet to be announced. Judging by the plans for Q1 release of the One and Two updates, we guess the X may be getting it in Q2 next year.


7 thoughts on “OnePlus One, 2 will get Android Marshmallow in Q1 2016

  1. it’s so easy for one plus one!! just 3 phones to give masmallow update unlike Samsung or Sony and other well established Chinese brands xiaomi and Meizu

  2. Well, Q1 in 2016 could means March too.
    And, judging from past experiences with OnePlus promises, I think we will be extremely lucky to see Marshmallow update on March.
    Just my 2 cents though. My relationship with my OnePlus One is like a love-hate relationship.

  3. Most sony smartphone get new update than samsung…… sony is better…

  4. Well at least they’re releasing cyanogen os before oxygen! Now let’s hope it’s not plagued with issues like the other opo updates and it’s not in March!

  5. izuan raqiib, 7 minutes agoMost sony smartphone get new update than samsung…… sony is better…If that’s the only metric you go by then LG is better that Sony

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