Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge pre-orders break records


According to an unofficial report, Samsung is having a blast with the pre-orders of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. The phone is up for pre-order in 60 markets and according to Eldar Murtazin in Russia the two phones are enjoying record pre-sales.


The Russian tech journalist also reveals an unofficial statistic that 64% of those who’ve pre-ordered the phone went for the Galaxy S7 edge, meaning that the majority of fans would gladly play the premium for the dual-curved screen.

We’re yet to receive official news from Samsung regarding pre-order numbers. The two phones launch on March 11, so there’s plenty of time for them to reach even higher numbers. The company will, reportedly, be making a total of 17.2 million Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge units by April of this year.

Source: gsmarena.com


20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge pre-orders break records

  1. Grey1213, 9 hours agoThey probably went for it because of the edged screen. It was by far the best looking phone la… moreI thought about that scenario too but that seemed very irrational, then again, most people make emotional purchases in general. I’ve played around with last year’s Edge too and it’s a novelty. It’s definitely not a ‘deal maker’ for me. I saw big screen on S7 like my gf’s One Plus AND the massive battery increase is what captured me the most.

  2. Rather than using the money to pay experts who have the vision to produce phones, so tastes customers ‘ Apple and Sammy S7, they use funds settlement for false propaganda. Sales of the two phone companies, Apple and Samsung, in real terms, it decreased. Consumers with neuron bearer, can no longer be fooled so easily.

  3. Joonius, 6 hours agoI thought about that scenario too but that seemed very irrational, then again, most people mak… moreI went for it because of the 5.5″ screen and larger battery. Edge is neat but somewhat novelty in my opinion. It does not take away anything, though.

  4. .DEMO, 11 hours agoSales trends of mobile products Samsung, Apple, …REDUCTION starting with the 3rd quarter of … moreThe truth is seen increasingly more clear. Apple Samasung, in fact, they dropped the number of new handsets sold.
    Have a good day, sir.

  5. Joonius, 9 hours agoWhat are you trying to say… so these companies should quit making phone because the phone ma… moreSir, you understood me incorrectly. I’m a big supporter of the company……SAMSUNG. (Not Apple)
    Any firm pursues profit. But, I don’t agree to do it at any cost, price, to make the back of the is the profit FOR the END USER.
    Today , the company Samsung, in pursuit of them after making profits , forgot the one who pays in the end, for its products, is the consumer.
    As can be seen, and of MONTH, the latest SAMSUNG mobile products, in fact, IDENTICAL, with minor changes of components. This is a SCAM to the buyer.

  6. The pre-registration numbers are high because it costs nothing to do so(I did it too). The whole euphoria will fizzle out when people are asked to put money where their mouth is.

  7. I could explain better, as there is no confusion for fans Samsung, sales trends of mobile products Samsung, Apple, were REDUCTION starting with the 3rd quarter of last year. The TRUTH cannot be hidden neither Samsung not Apple.

  8. .DEMO, 11 hours agoSales trends of mobile products Samsung, Apple, …REDUCTION starting with the 3rd quarter of … moreSimple! Because peops will wait for the next Gen.

  9. I chose the edge over the regular S7 because of the larger screen and curved edges. I’ve been wanting a bigger screen however found with alot of phones that the width makes it uncomfortable for me to hold and to navigate the device obe handed. The cured front and curved back will help with this I think making use more enjoyable.

  10. Samsung price in Indonesia is the same as a month salary of manager position, so I’ll pass coz I’m not yet a manager who can afford this expensive phone
    I’ll stick to xiaomi which more affordable price

  11. SathishKrish, 5 hours agoSimple! Because peops will wait for the next Gen. Those people who wait will wait and just watch the flagships come and go

  12. I winder if the people chose the edge cause of the edge o cause of the bigger screen!….

  13. No matter, 11 hours agoThere goes samsungs propaganda machine. Every year the same. GSMArena doesnt leave any stone unturned for them :-)

  14. This happens every single year. Do people remember that the S6 set pre-order records? Then it turns out they sold far less than expected? S5 did the same thing. Samsung does this every single year. Yet their smartphone profits have declined for 3 straight years.

  15. tua, 1 hour agowhen will Samsung s7 edge come in India market?Maybe later after 2-3 month from official launch

  16. xMatt Perkins, 2 hours agoThis happens every single year. Do people remember that the S6 set pre-order records? Then it … moreThe title of this article is misleading. The pre-order sales being broken are for the Russian market only… one country, out of 60, has an increase in pre-order sales.

  17. had the opportunity to hold the s7 edge in my hand yesterday. It is already on display in Satur n in Germany. Believe me, this phone will be a huge success for Samsung as they have listened to their customers to improve on the battery and bring back the sd card slot. The look of the phone is absolutely stunning.

  18. Stondec100, 12 hours agoIt’s not just the bigger screen. The edge is significantly more beautiful, easily the most bea… moreThey did make more of the edge variant compare to last year. Last year the ratio of S6 edge to S6 was 1:4. Now, the ratio of S7 edge and S7 is 4:6. They learnt their lesson after not meeting the demand of S6 edge last year. Though this year seem like too many going for S7 edge. I smell trouble because the new ratio is not up to par with the 64% majority going for S7 edge. You can also see they got rid of special color like sapphire and emerald due to unability to meet the demand either. They should had gone for 5:5 ratio to play safe.

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