New Apple Watch to look similar to the first one, analyst says

If youve been holding off on purchasing an Apple Watch because you are waiting for the second-generation model, you might be (or might not be) surprised to learn that the new Apple Watch will probably look much like the original one. Apple might be taking a similar approach to the iPhone when it comes to launching a successor meaning we might see something along the lines of Apple Watch S

Ming-Chi Kuo quoted an investors meeting held earlier today where he states that he expects to see spec improvements with limited changes to form factor design. This is nothing new to Apple as they have taken this same approach with the iPhone, literally every other year since the iPhone 3GS.

Expect new Apple Watch to look similar to the first one, analyst says

According to Kuo, we could likely see a refreshed Apple Watch launch along with one or two new iPhone models in September. Kuo addresses possible changes to the Watch could be ,battery life, possible addition of a camera, and less reliance of the watch from the phone (though that last one could be done with software updates).

Kuo also estimates that Apple Watch sales will drop 25% this year when compared to last years estimated 10.6 million units sold.


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