New HTC 10 video teaser says we should expect “the best BoomSound yet”


The latest HTC 10 teaser is here, ladies and gentlemen. And like one of those from last month, this is all about audio. However, this time around we’re thankfully treated to more than just a cryptic image.

It’s a full video teaser, this, and it expands upon the “we’re obsessed” theme that we saw in the company’s first ever video teaser for the HTC 10. Though obviously this obsession has everything to do with “bright, fat, crisp” sound now.

Not all music is created equal. Hi-res audio so every note is crystal clear. Youll hear it. 4/12 #powerof10

HTC (@htc) April 4, 2016

HTC promises “the highest-quality sound possible” and “flawless high fidelity on your phone”, features which should be delivered by the HTC 10 through “the best BoomSound yet”. These are all things that we hope HTC will be able to make good on with its next flagship device. We’ll find out on April 12, when the official unveiling is going to take place.


20 thoughts on “New HTC 10 video teaser says we should expect “the best BoomSound yet”

  1. momo662, 11 hours agoWhere of any pictures leaked do you see rear speakers???
    Go away please no one cares for your… moreback, bottom, its the same to me, if its not on the front of the device like those in the M8 (god, I love that speakers) its not “the best boomsound” that HTC its claiming, I cant understand why front facing speakers are not a trend, I’m tired doing a shell with my palm on the back of phone to listen videos

  2. If indeed, as it sustains the company HTC, this phone will be equipped with sound, high-quality HD, then surely, this HTC series 10, will compete with much success, for one, the sales of handsets this year. We wish those from HTC, good luck. And will pass on my list, which comprises no more than 5 phones, from which i will choose one to buy it. I’ve decided that in June or July of this year, to exchange my old phone.
    HTC 10, if you meet the requirements, it will end up on my the list.

  3. Why is that silly Samsung still continue to stick with their single mono bottom speaker that is so soft that I can’t even hear loudly in a busy marketplace.
    When will Samsung improve on their lousy audio quality?
    I will go with HTC M10

  4. This does sound promising but I wonder how one speaker is going to produce better surround effect than in its predecessors with double speakers. Well, we could assume that the grid above the screen can act as a speaker but even then having one speaker on the front and one on the bottom of the phone isn’t equal to having double front-facing speakers. Well, we’ll see soon.

  5. DenisXD, 7 hours agoi disagree. whenever im in a bus and im with a friend, we watch a movie or something. Doesnt m… more…”whenever im in a bus and im with a friend, we watch a movie or something. Doesnt mean that I annoy others, i got people behind our seats asking to increase the volume because i always watch epic stuff, so there.”
    ….Friend – I think you need to small lesson in life you’re clearly unaware of but would be in your better interests to know for future reference.
    If you HONESTLY believe anyone wants to hear the tinney cranked speaker of your phone to hear/listen to anything 2nd hand, you are either completely misguided, mistaken or somewhat delusional. That goes for anywhere public, at any time, period.
    As for putting up with listening to music in the shower, if you find a phone speaker is sufficient than fine. Can I recommend getting a bluetooth speaker – they’re very inexpensive.
    But please, please stop listening to anything on your phone speaker in public. Mark my words, the majority of the population of planet earth finds this annoying and selfish activity. I guarantee it.

  6. Brian sohai, 6 hours agoWhy is that silly Samsung still continue to stick with their single mono bottom speaker that i… more”single mono bottom speaker” is the silly tech they only had.

  7. Boomsound for both speakers and headphones. The sound maybe better if u wear headphones but listen with speaker when ur ear fatigue with headphones or for safety reason (u may not listen the sound of fire alarm of u wear headphones/earphones) u will need great speaker. And people will think that u are anti social if u wear earphones everytime… For me great audio is more important than great camera

  8. Anth0ny, 9 hours agoonly people with phones with crappy speakers would use headphones to watch video on YouTube or… morePeople like you are the ones that everybody loves to hate on. You’re the inconsiderate type who thinks it’s decent and acceptable to play your videos on the train without earphones, right?

    Man, GTFO. An obvious immature troll. As far as hierarchy is concerned, your HTC phones are sitting at the bottom and languishing. That’s not even debatable. STFU and know your place son.

    I like HTC but I hate biased douchey trolls like you and your arrogant comments.

  9. 3ngin33r, 12 hours agoHow many people actually use the phone speaker to listen to songs etc ?I use my M7 to listen to music and watch videos using its awesome speakers.

  10. Brian sohai, 6 hours agoWhy is that silly Samsung still continue to stick with their single mono bottom speaker that i… morethen go with the loser HTC. no one says you should not, duh.

  11. All d best HTC.i hope u will do good with M10.
    Just price it competitive plz.

  12. momo662, 9 hours agoOnes on the front and ones o.k. the bottom – what’s the big deal???
    Besides as much as I love… moreWhat will make HTC 10 sound be much better is because it’s at the wrong side.Only a master who can do things upside down and succeed…

  13. Front facing speakers are more important than stereo. People usually only use the speaker when watching short videos. For media consumption most use headphones.

  14. Troll_Killer, 8 hours agoI encourage you to use your headphones for 2 reasons, no matter how good the speakers are on y… moreSpeakers aren’t supposed to be used in public places. Stop being such a nuisance to strangers and grow up. I’d be really irritated if some runt like you was using speakers on public transport, and even more so if I knew you thought other people liked it.

  15. Anonymous, 12 hours agoThe most of us except you. Keep your silly opinions to yourself you damn hippy.

  16. Grey1213, 1 hour agoKeep your silly opinions to yourself you damn hippy.You’re the one with the hippy name here. And as for this HTC 10. It keeps teasing while the S7 and G5 are actually selling.

  17. Speakers are not a major selling point. It is usually paired to bigger speakers if you need more sound.

  18. waiting for htc 10
    great news about sound quality keep going htc but waiting may kill us

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