New report suggests new iPhone may have 3GB of RAM

New report suggests new iPhone may have 3GB of RAM

A report from DigiTimes outlines the memory chip industry in Asia and how it is currently preparing for an increase in demand for DRAM chips. The top three manufacturers of memory chips: Samsung, SK Hynix, and Micron Technology have cut production of these chips in the first half of the year which have restricted supplies around the world.

The following line in the report suggests the new iPhone may be getting 3GB of RAM:

Increasing built-in memory capacity at next-generation smartphones, including new iPhone devices, will further ramp up demand for memory products in the third quarter, said sources, noting that the mobile DRAM capacity of the next-generation iPhone is expected to increase to 3GB from 2GB previously, while those for new Android phones are expected to raise to 6GB from 4GB.

While its true that Android manufacturers are expected to start producing devices with more than 4GB of RAM, there have already been phones with 6GB of RAM like the OnePlus 3. We can expect the new iPhone 7 (or 6SE) to bring some new hardware changes (as much of the external changes arent expected to be major) and this could mean pushing the RAM up to 3GB.

The same report says that such memory chips could likely be increasing in cost as the supply is currently not reaching the high demand of chips. Not only that, but the increase in SSD technology used in newer products like Laptops and PCs could also play a role for the increase of memory chip cost.

This increase in RAM could be seen in the higher-end model of the iPhone assuming there will be two iPhones this year. However, conflicting leaks have some speculating there will be three iPhone models this year. Only time will tell.

The iPhone is expected to be announced around the first week of September with pre-orders rumored to kick off on September 9.


20 thoughts on “New report suggests new iPhone may have 3GB of RAM

  1. BE PRACTICAL, 3 hours agoIn almost everything….price, base storage , display , design , screen to body ratio , less e… morefor couple of month

  2. Jarret, 2 hours agoTruely a gimmick – an innovation by Apple – First in the world – 3 GB RAM iPhone. Hahaha…yeah.. we all know that android already put 10gb ram on it… still not enough

    and yeah , we all know android already used 3gb ram 8 years ago …

  3. izuan raqiib, 3 hours agoWhy iphone run smoothly because ios doesn’t offer customization and low resolution that’s why … moreMy dear friend,
    Please understand the difference of OS before you argue.

    If you really had insight of stuff, it is efficiency of software which makes difference. Even pure blackberry OS , windows run better at hardware equivalent to iPhone.

    And no system is perfect, be it Android,ios,bbos,windows……
    It is on to users to understand and make use of its potentials.

  4. Anonymous, 3 hours agoThey said 512 MB is enough for iphone to be fluid. LOLandroid user always bring up old obsolete story …. everything change u know … apple dont have to release new phone if their 512mb ram and 32bit proc can beat 2016 flagship android performance

  5. Dot-WiFi, 2 hours agoyeah.. we all know that android already put 10gb ram on it… still not enough

    and yeah , w… moreAndroid had 3 gb ram for the first time on Galaxy S6 in 2015, one year ago and devices like htc m8 with 2gb ram and android 6.0.1 works impecable, you stupid troll

  6. Anonymous, 1 hour agoAndroid had 3 gb ram for the first time on Galaxy S6 in 2015, one year ago and devices like ht… moreand u take it seriously …

  7. Specs don’t matter on iPhones since they run on unicorn pixie dust.

  8. Ios needs more than 512 mb of ram to work “smooth like warm butter” ??!!! Apple users said ios doesn’t need more :)))))) 3gb of ram for ios like for android ??!! This is a lie, a blasphemy to apple church. Remove all ram !!!!

  9. Anonymous, 1 hour agoinnovation!!!… lol.. oh yeah!! ayyy lmao

  10. app size is getting larger, hardware demands also get higher. You can take live photo with iphone and a lot of resource hogging software. so logically it needs more ram

  11. Roar, 2 hours agoiPhone does not need 3GB RAM because it is for simple minded users. Android is for power users… more:))))

  12. You can buy a 700hp Hellcat or 280hp Pacifica to work, there is no standard on what is justified.

  13. other companies are planing to have 6gb ram and apple still stuck on 1gb lol now they are planing to have 3gb haha and still some delusional people think i-phones are better lol

  14. Seriously, who cares? I have had all the iPhones. Everything from about 5S onwards was smooth as silk. Whether it has 1 or 5GB it makes no difference to me. Android needs this information because the OS was terrible without it. Apple even with 1GB was perfect.

    On the other hand, Apple haven’t had anything interesting in a while. I need a new screen, a new form and something creative. Mind needs to be blown like it was when the 4S came out.

  15. when ios upgrades to 3gb ram, its a valid requirement, when android does the same software is not optimised.

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