Samsung Galaxy Note7 first benchmarks

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 is built on the S7 platform. This means the chipset is either Snapdragon 820 or an Exynos 8890 (which one you get depends on geography) and 4GB of RAM. Yep, there’s no upgrade in RAM over the S7, despite the numerous 6GB rumors.

Anyway, we just got an early unit that isn’t 100% ready for a review. It’s the Exynos version, which is what Europeans have to look forward to, while the US is getting the Snapdragon one.

We’ll start a full review when we get a proper retail unit, but we did try some benchmarks. And it comes as no surprise the Galaxy Note7 matched the S7 and S7 edge, the Exynos ones.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 first benchmarks

AnTuTu 6 does show a small gain over the S7 edge (both versions). Samsung touched up the software – definitely visually, but perhaps under the hood too. Or it could just be the benchmarks margin of error.

AnTuTu 6

Higher is better

Moto Z Droid (Snapdragon)151 619

OnePlus 3 (Snapdragon)141 764

Galaxy Note7 (Exynos)134 660

Galaxy S7 edge (Snapdragon)132 849

Galaxy S7 edge (Exynos)129 229

Huawei P9 Plus (Kirin 955)97 392

Basemark OS 2.0 recorded a significant jump in performance – maybe Samsung really did tune up the engine. We’ll redo the benchmarks once we get our hands on a retail unit, but so far it looks like the Note7 might bring a performance boost even if the specs on paper don’t show it.


Basemark OS 2.0

Higher is better

Moto Z Droid (Snapdragon)2 690

Galaxy Note7 (Exynos)2 676

OnePlus 3 (Snapdragon)2 365

Galaxy S7 edge (Snapdragon)2 352

Huawei P9 Plus (Kirin 955)2 099

Galaxy S7 edge (Exynos)2 050

The Exynos 8890 chipset features an octa-core CPU with four of Samsung’s own Mongoose cores (instead of the usual Cortex-A72) and four Cortex-A53. The Snapdragon 820 version has all custom cores by Qualcomm – four Kryo cores split into two groups, 2x 2.15GHz and 2x 1.6GHz.

This gives the Exynos-powered Note7 a slight edge in multi-core performance, but the Snapdragon version has a lead in single-core tests. The differences are small enough that you shouldn’t fret over which Note7 version is available in your local store.


GeekBench 3 (multi-core)

Higher is better

Huawei P9 Plus (Kirin 955)6 660

Galaxy S7 edge (Exynos)6 600

Galaxy Note7 (Exynos)6 311

Moto Z Droid (Snapdragon)5 566

OnePlus 3 (Snapdragon)5 520

Galaxy S7 edge (Snapdragon)5 420


GeekBench 3 (single-core)

Higher is better

OnePlus 3 (Snapdragon)2 383

Galaxy S7 edge (Snapdragon)2 345

Moto Z Droid (Snapdragon)2 345

Galaxy S7 edge (Exynos)2 151

Galaxy Note7 (Exynos)2 143

Huawei P9 Plus (Kirin 955)1 892

Going over to the graphics tests, the Galaxy Note7 is a hair ahead of the S7 edge (Exynos) in one test, a bit behind in the other so the results are inconclusive. Here, Snapdragon’s Adreno 530 GPU edges out Exynos’ Mali-T880 MP12.


GFX 3.1 Manhattan (1080p offscreen)

Higher is better

Galaxy S7 edge (Snapdragon)32

Moto Z Droid (Snapdragon)32

OnePlus 3 (Snapdragon)31

Galaxy S7 edge (Exynos)29

Galaxy Note7 (Exynos)28

Huawei P9 Plus (Kirin 955)10


GFX 3.1 Car scene (offscreen)

Higher is better

Moto Z Droid (Snapdragon)19

Galaxy S7 edge (Snapdragon)18

OnePlus 3 (Snapdragon)18

Galaxy Note7 (Exynos)16

Galaxy S7 edge (Exynos)15

Huawei P9 Plus (Kirin 955)6.2


We’ll re-run the benchmarks when we get a hold of a retail unit, but we don’t expect much to change.


17 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note7 first benchmarks

  1. Judging from the stats, looks like OnePlus 3 is a better option than Note 7.

  2. I wished they would have given 6GB RAM to Note7…!
    A well optimized 4GB RAM is enough…but when we see competitors giving 6GB RAM and also performs more at least. In benchmarks at half the price of the Note7…the difference is pretty clear…!
    6GB RAM would have future proofed the Note7…!

  3. Please do androbench single thread test for random write and read I want to see if they are using the 2 lane or 1 lane ufs 2.0

  4. No Fan Boy…!, 1 hour agoI wished they would have given 6GB RAM to Note7…!
    A well optimized 4GB RAM is enough…but … moreNote7 just feels like Edge with Pen :( Those 6GB would give a bit of an edge and make people choose it instead of Edge. This way, im going for Galaxy S7 Edge, because it will be 200€ cheaper soon

    A pen is not worth 200€!

  5. If anyone choose to buy this note 7 this time, better not be the same person been judging people buying iPhones at premium price.
    Oneplus 3 can be bought at $400 now and you can see its just as fast as note 7 if not better so you are clearly paying premium for name / look here.

  6. hjmak2, 1 hour agoPoor benchmarks:(the hell did you expect?
    samsung put the same chip from S7…
    at least they are giving us USB-C on this one which they should’ve included in S7 series
    clearly running out of idea here

  7. My note 4 is OK still having a removable battery is an absolute must have.even Microsoft recognised this need.

  8. JMTM, 1 hour agoIf anyone choose to buy this note 7 this time, better not be the same person been judging peop… moreYou are also paying for a far better screen, Gorilla Glass 5, Iris scanner, better camera, waterproofing, the S-Pen…everything counts

  9. hjmak2, 1 hour agoPoor benchmarks:(Really, that’s 3x higher than my note 4 which feels pretty quick… some people are too worried about numbers.

  10. The exynos still has the real life single core advantage though

  11. Anonymous, 39 minutes agoYou are also paying for a far better screen, Gorilla Glass 5, Iris scanner, better camera, wat… morefor me those you mentioned are not important.

  12. The only sure is some ppl not gonna pay $900 for this device to be in the 3rd place benchmarks I’m still trying to figure out where is the “beast” where Samsung promised to us? lol

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