Android 7.0 Nougat update hits Android One phones


Google rolls out Android 7.0 Nougat over-the-air update for Android One devices. A reader of ours points out that the Cherry Mobile G1 is one of the many Android One phones that has the update on queue.

Android 7.0 Nougat update hits Android One phones

Android 7.0 Nougat is ready to be installed on Android One phones

Similarly to what happened with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Android One devices receive the latest software update the day after Google releases the Nexus factory images.

If you have an Android One smartphone, we’d like to hear from you if your device has received the software update notification.

We’ve got a splendid Android 7.0 Nougat review for you to check out and see all the latest features Google’s OS has to offer.

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20 thoughts on “Android 7.0 Nougat update hits Android One phones

  1. Google should launch more android one smartphones in Pakistan having specifications like 5.5 inches full HD display 2GB RAM etc.

  2. Android One User, 11 Sep 2016is anyone received this update on Android One Qmobile A1.I have QMobile A1, still not received Android 7 Nougat.

  3. When will Infinix Hot 2 Android One will Get Nougat Update in Nigeria


  4. bbuddy, 21 hours agoWhen will Infinix Hot 2 Android One will Get Nougat Update in Nigeria

    :DIn your dreams. Infinix is a waste of money, You’ve not got Marshmallow update, you are asking for 7.0. Look for brands that offer better bro. Who Infinix epp?.

  5. wow. they’re supporting low end android one devices but not devices with snapdragon 801 chips. wrong tsk tsk

  6. I have nexus 6p but I did not receive any update for new android N. How can I download it?

  7. Still waiting for this on my nexus 6p. Thought they were meant to be getting updates first v

  8. So seems like nexus 7 2013 is out of the list of devices.
    I think it still has powerful enough hardware in it to run fhd screen and have 2GB ram.
    I don’t want to try and root it my self cause if I brick it then I don’t own a tablet anymore 😀 cause I don’t see the point to buy new one. Of the use of it when I have a 5″ phone screen.

  9. What about my Cherry Mobile Cosmos S2? or Micromax Canvas Knight 2 E471?

  10. Hope Android One 3rd gen specs will be upped to MediaTek 64-bit SoC, cuz NO SNAPDRAGON 4xx or 61xx GPU can match Mali’s flagship GPU, even the last year ones.

    I think since it’s 2016 now, 3rd gen Android One specs should be at least:

    -) 5″ 720p IPS LCD. 1080p ones would be BETTER (like Redmi 4), but it’s quite hard for local OEM manufacturers to sell it for US$100, so 720p will do.
    -) Since MediaTek tends to equip GREAT GPU into their SoC, Such as Mali T760 while priced CHEAPER than Qualcomm’s SD, getting MT6752 OR MT5752m should be PERFECT, as this chipset are known for its GREAT CPU performance & GOOD GPU, widely used by manufacturers to make GREAT mid-end phones, such as Lenovo (K3 Note, A7000, Vibe S1, P70), Alcatel (OT Flash Plus), Sony (Xperia C4/Dual, C5 Ultra/Ultra Dual), HTC (One E9s, Desire 820s, Desire 626q), and Vivo (X6/Plus). Helio X10 is another alternatives, BUT while u get GREAT CPU, u only GET mediocre GPU, as MediaTek equip Helio X10 with PowerVR G6200, much weaker version of PowerVR G6430 used in iPhone 5s or Asus Zenfone 2, and might be priced higher thanMT6752, as this chipset is Mediatek ‘premium’ SoC.
    -) Because Android getting more and more RAM-hungry and having 1GB RAM won’t get u anywhere with Nougat, 2GB RAM should be minimal specs by 2016 standards. In 2014-2015, having 2GB RAM might be privilege only those who have excess money, but in 2016, 3GB RAM is the ‘minimum’ specs for mid-end phones, and 2GB should be cheap by now.
    -) Simiar with RAM, nowadays when 32 GB are minimum specs for mid-end phones since more and more games & apps are getting bigger in size, Android One phone should at least packed with 16GB ROM, and given this is Android One, not Nexus, DEDICATED microSD slot should be available, unlike recent trend which prefers to combine SIM & microSD slot into one which called ‘hybrid’ slot. This kind of slot actually ‘encourage’ Android user to ‘move’ to cloud storage, as they tend to use 2 SIM at the same time; one for their main activity, and one for internet only.
    -) As previous gen Android One equipped with 5mp camera, then upped to 8mp, in 3rd gen, the main camera shoud be at least 13mp, as many cheap phones equipped with 13mp camera by now. The front camera for VideoCall can use 5mp ones to keep the price low.
    -) This is the MAIN aspects that what makes Android phone ‘famous': ALWAYS CONNECTED TO INTERNET. For Android One to keep ‘onine’, the manufacturer should give more attention to this aspect. NO MORE 1500mAh, 1800mAh, 2000mAh, or 2500mAh. The 3rd gen Android One should be equipped with minimum 3000mAh battery. From 2015, Xiaomi CAN fitted 3000mAh into their Redmi Note line, and in 2016, they upped the battery to 4000mAh for ALL their Redmi & Redmi Note lines, so it’s not impossible for local OEM manufacturers to equipped 3rd gen Android One with 3000mAh and still get high profits when they sell it for US$100, since ALL the components I mentioned above are cheap by 2016 standards.
    -) Another thing that local manufacturers tend to let slide is the SENSORS in Android phone. For cheap ones, they tend to equipped only 2 sensors at most, in reality, cheap Android phone needs to have at least 4 sensors: accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, therefore Google should be possible to ‘force’ them to at least equipped their 2rd gen Android One phone with those 4 sensors.

    Google, if U read this writing of mine, give it a try! U’ll be surprised by the sales record of this ‘a year old specs’ Andoid One if u can priced it for US$100 or below! Because the ony reason people who can buy Nexus phones but choose not to is mostly because of no externa storage, and Android One can be an attractive alternatives for those peope and others who migrate from WP or BackBerry!

  11. It still hasn’t arrived on my QMobile A1, I have been waiting for a really long time. Google plz ;-;

  12. manojimagespace, 7 hours agowill my first gen android one (karbonn sparkle) get ?
    I got Karbonn Sparkle V and i recently received the September month security patch update. I’m still waiting for Nougat 7.0. What about you?

  13. rajesh, 18 hours agowow. they’re supporting low end android one devices but not devices with snapdragon 801 chips…. moredidnt you hear the news about android one devices when it was about to be released???everything about this project android one was written.if you read that article you will know why its getting all the latest updates and faster.

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