Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL have IP53 dust and water resistance


Yesterday Google finally unveiled the Pixel and Pixel XL, its first smartphones. Throughout its event, however, the company never once mentioned whether the two have any sort of dust or water resistance rating. An IP53 certification was rumored last month for the duo, ahead of the announcement.

And now the search giant has apparently confirmed to Droid-Life that the Pixel and Pixel XL indeed do come with the IP53 rating – despite this not being mentioned in its official specs pages for the handsets.

So what does this mean, you wonder? Well, let’s just say right off the top that the Pixels are quite far from their main competitors in this regard – the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note7 are IP68 rated, while Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus carry an IP67 certification.

Confirmed: Googles Pixel and Pixel XL have IP53 dust and water resistance

As for the Pixels, according to the definitions of the IP code, they are “dust protected” and have liquid ingress protection that’s effective against “spraying water”. The former means that “ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the equipment”. And “water falling as a spray at any angle up to 60 from the vertical shall have no harmful effect, utilizing either: a) an oscillating fixture, or b) A spray nozzle with a counterbalanced shield”.

Translated, this means if you’re caught in the rain with a Pixel or Pixel XL your phone will be fine. But don’t think of submerging it into any amount of water, or showering with it around.

Both Samsung’s and Apple’s newest flagships are “dust tight”, which is a step above what the Pixels provide. In terms of water resistance, it’s no contest really, as the Pixels’ main competitors can all be immersed into water without any damage, at least up to 1m for up to 30 minutes.



19 thoughts on “Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL have IP53 dust and water resistance

  1. Doesn’t matter, that’s more than OK. VLF artificial intelligence, camera. Character build and feel is stellar. Totally gorgeous handsets. Amazing how negative people get. It’s a first world issue. Their is always something with any phone to pick at. Try the $1500-$2000 in Australia for iPhone. No way. Enjoy whatever phone you have or want to. Discerning adults will choose to suite budget and lifestyle.

  2. Anonymous, 8 hours agoTrue! It is look like cheap chinese phone. Cheap Chinese phones look way better than this, just look at the opx!

  3. time for Samsung or any mobile company which SO powered by android. to have their own OS since google already entered on the competition.

  4. Actually, it just makes it even better. If anyone watched the live feed there is more to be said in accolades than a little splash coverage. I am always careful with any phone and most don’t have any protection. At least these have enough for generalities. The Ai and other qualities, pure genius.

  5. Deleted, 6 hours agotime for Samsung or any mobile company which SO powered by android. to have their own OS since… moreROFL at “Google just entered competition”

  6. Not water proofing this phone was a BIG mistake. Many of us will purchase a note 7 when they get the battery thing figured out. I can’t believe Google came this far one every aspect of the phone when compared to the MOTO X only to go backwards on water resistance.

  7. Anonymous, 7 hours agoat that price your better off paying for a S7 or s7 Edge. It’s not water proof, it doesn’t l… moreThe S7 and S7 edge are also not water proof. They are water resistant, which has a totally different meaning in terms of protection from liquids.

  8. Everytime I see “ugly” I take another look at the phone and wonder! I honestly feel someone said ugly and everyother person jumped. Am waiting for Jerryrigeverything to do a ruggedity test and if it survives, it’s as good a phone as the best out there…. Common guys this phone is about performance, ain’t you tired of apple devices crushing our beloved Android performance wise?

  9. Yuck ugly design. Google should fire its Pixel design team right away. Whenever i think of buying this phone, this ugly back makes me sick.

  10. Deleted, 6 hours agotime for Samsung or any mobile company which SO powered by android. to have their own OS since… moreThe pixel team is separate from the android team. So far they have said they would remain somewhat independent, but it remains to be seen if pixel will get things that can and should be on android but aren’t.

  11. regs, 10 hours ago3 means no water resistance. Just little rain. Most top phones have 4-5 protection. Some seem you wanna bring your phone to the most extreme condition.. what do you expect from a regular-everyday phone? did you want to submerge it into salt water? snowy mountain? protection against blizzard or tsunami-resistant? then go buy rugged phones such panasonic, even samsung galaxy active still not that tough compared to panasonic

  12. It’s worth mentioning that most phones are IP53, such as the previous Nexus phones.

    They don’t advertise it is because it is normal.

  13. Anonymous, 8 hours agoTrue! It is look like cheap chinese phone. *chuckle*
    while everyone agree this phone somewhat familiar design with iphone and you said chinese phone.. are you blind? oh wait, iphones are assembled in china..

  14. For 1K you better give IP68 or something higher than that,
    For 1K you better give me an 2160p front camera.
    For 1K you better give a scratch free phone.
    Android is known for pleasure and good quality for good prices.
    In my eyes even i’m a Android guy. I’ll never buy an Android phone for more than $500 and $700 for an iPhone cause i don’t see any difference in nothing. For more than $300 to $400 you already got an excellent phone so where is Google coming with. They try to get premium but knock off Nexus and go for this crap.

  15. forget the IP68, i meant IP49 so i can spray it with high-pressure water and drop it out of my pocket without problems. The better give me this for 1K or IP59 is also enough.

  16. Most devices would probably pass this certification, thus Google didn’t bother to advertise it since it will only put a spotlight that their premium smartphone is less than the others.

  17. What’s the big deal, suddenly Samsung and especially apple get higher protection means every phone competing directly with them should have it, nobody complained when Sony was the only one doing it.

  18. Meto, 10 hours agoIt doesn’t justify the price! As a Nexus fan I’ve been waiting so long for this launch! One th… more”don’t do this to me senpai” -google

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