Nexus: Verizon to manage Android updates to Pixel phones it sells

The Nexus brand was always about the pure Android experience with quick updates from Google. When the Samsung Galaxy Nexus made it to Verizon, that Google experience turned to a nightmare for updates.

The same phone was only able to get updates whenever Verizon felt like releasing them, so they came with delays. That being said, Verizons Galaxy Nexus stopped getting updates at Jellybean 4.2.2, meanwhile, the GSM unlocked version of the phone did make it to Jellybean 4.3, the last major update for the Galaxy Nexus (it never made it to KitKat 4.4).

A Google spokesperson made a statement to 9to5Google which said: “Monthly security updates will come from Google, and system updates will be managed by Verizon for Verizon models, and Google for unlocked models bought from Google Store.

Verizon to manage Android updates to Pixel phones it sells

Google Pixel ad in USA Today

This means that Google will still push security updates to all Pixel (XL) phones including those on Verizon, while significant software updates which change the version number, will be released by Verizon on Pixel phones bought through the carrier or at Best Buy (as Best Buy only sells the Verizon-locked version). As a reminder, the Verizon Pixel phones will not come with an unlockable bootloader.

Sidenote: Although ads show the phones are “exclusive to Verizon”, which is the only US carrier who will sell the phones, the Google Store will sell Pixel phones unlocked for all US carriers. The ads are misleading in this regard.

While we cant tell how quickly Verizon plans to put out major updates for the upcoming Pixel phones, if you want to avoid Verizon holding updates hostage, you can totally pre-order the unlocked version from the Google Store, as it works with all major carriers in the US, including Verizon. The Google Store even offers 24-month no-interest financing options.

Do you think Verizon is going to update the Pixel phones to the very end of their life cycles? Or repeat what happened with the Galaxy Nexus?

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14 thoughts on “Nexus: Verizon to manage Android updates to Pixel phones it sells

  1. “Only on Verizon.” Sounds about right.

    What a limp-wristed hold google has on its phones.

  2. if u remove access to latest updates from pixel , what is left ? google assistant! , google will soon make that the average for all android phones . . so major fail from google , no point of pixel now except source of new income !!!

  3. ha…RIP pixel phone.Google straight up copied Apple on this,same pricing.While removing all the advantages a nexus phone had(fast updates,low price)

  4. Nexus users are f**ked. Well done Google. BTW, if they want to send ‘Stock Android by Google’ to mass, they have to revive Nexus lineup. Because they are not gonna sell much of these Pixel phones. Please don’t tell me about sold out blue version, may be verizon stored them all for their store of Google made only few hundreds of them may be.

    (I am veryyyy disappointed about these phone. Hell, OnePlus would make a better phone than this!!!)

  5. Carrier updates are crap. Apple knows it and is the ONLY who’s staying true. Disappointed in Google. Flex your muscles and make Verizon obey.

  6. They abandoned Nexus loyalist.
    The Nexus 6 and Nexus 6p did uplift the Nexus branding really well yet they did this while in the momentum. Good thing that there’s Cyanogen and others that could continue or could take over the Vanilla idea. Make collaboration with Xiaomi , meizu to make a Nexus like series.

  7. i dont understand the obsession with people getting software updates…i have used the nexus was a perfectly alright device..chugging along with its weak nvidia chip, when google decided to update the it runs like a pentium 2 processor..great..and the remedies available online is to flash firmware to older version

  8. seriously google you messed up, missing the nexus line already

  9. A7RII, 13 hours agoCarrier updates are crap. Apple knows it and is the ONLY who’s staying true. Disappointed in G… moreGoogle needs Verizon more than Verizon needs Google. Verizon can sell many other Android phones.

  10. What’s the point of owning Google branded phone if you don’t get the feature this line is best known for (regular updates from Google directly)?! Stupid Verizon…

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