Sony revises Xperia shipment forecasts for 2016 down to 17 million

Sonys mobile division started off well – it was making more per phone than any other Android maker. But the company will not reach its 20 million phones shipped forecast – it already cut it once by a million and now by two more.

In total, Sonys forecast is that it will ship 17 million Xperia phones. The blame has been put on Europe.

On the positive side, the forecast for operating income for the year remains unchanged as Sony transitions into higher value phones (its mid-range phones are underperforming). The mobile division even scored a small profit ($37 million) for the quarter, compared to a loss the year before, and aims to end the fiscal year in the black.

Sony revises Xperia shipment forecasts for 2016 down to 17 million

However, sales for the full year have been revised down. Just this last financial quarter the sales slumped 39.6% year on year to $1.67 billion.

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17 thoughts on “Sony revises Xperia shipment forecasts for 2016 down to 17 million

  1. Anonymous, 1 hour agoblame on new plan, kill z compact series with x compact which lack flagship chip, profit per p… moresad, but that’s reality -_-

  2. How are they blaming Europe?!

    Its their own fault they make smartphone with big bezels, small batteries and overpriced

  3. sony should go back with Z series design, put fingerprint scanner either on the back or front panel, put some bigger battery, redesign its UI so it’s not that bland.. and they will make profit

  4. Vlad, 1 hour agoThe blame has been put on Europe, really?
    What about all Sony stores in the US which are no m… moreAnd, Sony seems to have no clue about key features (e.g. as you noted, no fingerprint sensor in U.S. models) and no clue about marketing. There is very little brand recognition for their phones in the U.S. probably due to the fact that the four major U.S. carriers do not carry the brand. I would have to believe that a lot of people tend to consider phones as small appliances, if you will, and simply shop the carriers for phones, in the U.S. That is. they generally don’t care about phones as much as people that frequent this site or PA. They have too many other priorities than their phone. Hence, they shop for the known and comfortable.

    In Europe and Asia the factors may be different, but I have very little knowledge of the market for phones in Europe and Asia.

  5. Why can’t Sony offer similar killer spec like what OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei can offer at affordable price tag?

  6. (maybe) Sony should give their midrange and low-end less-feature like Samsung did with J series (less sensor hardware)

  7. Sony, just close your mobile division. It’ll do good for you and us.

  8. Please just make a Vita or Playstation Phone Already, with playable Vita Game….

  9. Paul60, 56 minutes agoAnd, Sony seems to have no clue about key features (e.g. as you noted, no fingerprint sensor i… moreHey Paul60,

    Your message makes a lot of sense and thanks for sharing your opinions.

    Sony can do fantastic in the US even with their devices not being sold by Carriers. Look at Google’s Nexus (now defunct) and Pixel lines. And look at other manufacturers as well (Xiaomi, Alcatel, etc).

    And then there’s no Sony marketing in the US.

    Yes, Sony DOES great devices. But if the Carriers don’t sell them and, even worse… Sony doesn’t do any marketing for them… then of course Sony’s in a lot of trouble in the US: how can the Consumers know about a product when they don’t know anything about it? When the Manufacturer acts like it doesn’t exactly care for either the items it manufactures or the loyal fans?

    I’d buy another Sony over all the Pixels and iPhones and Windows Phones in the world. But give me a device in the US which is EXACTLY as a similar device in other parts of the world (put the fingerprint scanner in there!) and give me the Customer Support that I need. And then I will definitely pay a premium price for this.

    But when Sony sells me ‘incomplete’ devices in the US and there’s almost no Customer Service from them, as well…. then I am sorry but I am not spending 1 more dollar for a Sony product.

  10. Jack Kim, 40 minutes agoWhy can’t Sony offer similar killer spec like what OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei can off… morethey should give killer spec and keep the price same.

  11. Sony flagships were pretty good, until they changed their whole line up. In doing so giving their flagship mediocre specs in comparison to its premium rivals, Samsung Apple, all Sony have to do is put better camera technology and also audio dac, also match the current crop for ram and soc. You dint spend more on a Sony compared to a Samsung when the Samsung has better specs all around. Thats hust madness. Sony also has a niche in thr compact range where they have now screwed things uo and gone thr Samsung route with lowmid spec. There is a reason Apple will release a 5″ phone next year. Not everyone wants a 5.5″.

  12. bad after sale service in Indonesia.
    sony please fix this. you have good optimized devices, but your service is very very bad.

  13. What did they expect? These days, where you have huge amount of phones to choose from each year, people go for something, that will make it stand out (I’m not including hardcore fans here, that don’t see anything else apart from their brand). On the Sony side everything remains kinda the same now…for what? Like 3-4 years? The competition is tight, people want more and more, Sony stayed a bit behind, perhaps they are focusing more on their PS4 Pro and VR, kinda neglecting mobile department.

  14. You deserve the worst sony … they should learn how to update devices and support the customer before offering new phones … they think they are superiors somehow ..

    RIP Sony mobiles (soon)…

    (Camera sensors are great tho .. but only when used in samsung devices, because samsung know how to build camera apps-software that will use sony camera sensors well)

  15. They are selling less phones, but they are getting now profit, so that isn’t that bad at all. I hope Sony recovers some market and continue doing great phones as in the Sony-Ericsson era.

  16. Very stagnant mobile design sector plus horrible marketing plus wrong executive decisions in different markets with high prices compared to others will continue to push down the figures further more until it’s just the camera division, Sony was great now it’s not

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