Huawei Honor S1 smartwatch with a round e-paper display

A lot has been written about the upcoming Huawei Mate 9 but the company may have something up its sleeve (literally). An e-paper based smartwatch has leaked with a circular display with marginally smaller bezels than the Pebble Time Round (which was not upgraded in the last round of Pebbles).

Looking back at an teaser image from early last month, this seems to be the Huawei Honor S1 smartwatch (note the notches on the bezel).

Leak shows Huawei Honor S1 smartwatch with a round e-paper display

Leak shows Huawei Honor S1 smartwatch with a round e-paper display

Huawei Honor S1 smartwatch with an e-paper display

For those unfamiliar, e-paper is a type of low-power display that has amazing sunlight legibility and can run for days on the tiny batteries found in smartwatches. It should not be confused with e-ink like Kindle e-readers), which uses less power but has very slow refresh rate and still doesnt do color. Neither does the Huawei Fit, judging by these images.

The promo images provide answers to key questions – yes, there will be a heart rate sensor and yes, the watch will be waterproof. In fact, it can track your laps around the pool. No hardware buttons are visible, pointing to touchscreen only operation. Its not clear what OS this is running, though – it may be neither Android Wear nor Tizen but instead a custom solution.



12 thoughts on “Huawei Honor S1 smartwatch with a round e-paper display

  1. I see. The same approach that achieved by Qualcomm with their Mirasol display. And that Mirasol itself was actually colored display, not monochrome nor black-white display. The color level of Mirasol display was far from current LCD and OLED display. But for power efficiency, they do better, much better.

    Apart from their advantage in sunlight readability, the downside of this ePaper display is, on the opposite situation, dark environment readability. Since, unlike LCD and OLED, this kind of display does not produce their own light. They need external backlight source. The kind you usually found in digital watch like Casio’s G-Shock.

  2. The issue is, ePaper is awesome, but only Pebble have got the actual UX right! The intuitive and familiar mechanical BACK, UP/DOWN and SELECT controls make operation a sinch, whilst Android Wear and Apple Watch are horrible to use. (I have owned two Android watches and despite being pretty, just awful to operate, sorry.)

  3. Grey1213, 2 hours agoNo 4k display no buy.Nice try…seems some people didn’t get the sarcasm. That’s kinda the problem, sarcasm looses a lot in text XD

  4. Very interesting. Huawei is thinking outside of the box. I just wish with all this innovation, someone would get their minds into the better battery technology, because those we’re using now are almost 40 year old tech.

  5. Liris0911, 1 hour agoAnother masterpiece from Huawei .. that’s awesome Their Android Wear watch was already a beautiful masterpeice, and now with this maybe Huawei is planning to take on the smartwatch market 😉

  6. Thats not true the SWR30 is just as useful and easy to use as that watch you mentioned. Plus it was a built in speaker and mic.

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