iOS 10.2 beta with Unicode 9.0 emoji set

Apple released a new beta of iOS 10.1 to developers yesterday. It features a bunch of additions and improvements, but probably the biggest one for most users is going to be the new emoji.

Apple releases iOS 10.2 beta with Unicode 9.0 emoji set

For starters, iOS finally added support for the Unicode 9.0 emoji set. This includes some new emoji, such as shrug, facepalm, rolling on the floor laughing, selfie, bacon, and a whole bunch of other food and animal emoji. Apple also redesigned its set of animal and food emoji, giving them a much needed fresh coat of paint, and they look much more natural now and suited for high resolution Retina displays. Emojipedia has much more on this topic in their blog post.

Moving on, iOS 10.2 beta also adds three new wallpapers on the iPhone 7 that are being used for the promotional material for these phones but weren’t actually included on the devices themselves. A new celebrations effect has also been added to iMessage. The Videos app now gets a widget. There is now an option to rate music on a scale of five stars in the Music app. This is different from the Like/Dislike option that also affects your ‘For You’ recommendations. Lastly, you can now choose to save the Camera app settings (flash, HDR, etc.) so they next time you open the app they don’t get reset to Auto.

The update is available to users with a developer account. We expect the stable release to come out by the end of this month.



12 thoughts on “iOS 10.2 beta with Unicode 9.0 emoji set

  1. Disclaimer: to all iHaters. I own BOTH IPhone and Android. so DON’T just attack when you see I have one. the reason. it’s fun to see live what is new with each update.
    There is a beta 10.2
    and also 10.1.1 for non beta testers.

  2. Many useful little touches to the system, for an overall better experience (like the one on the camera which I really appreciate. Now I can always use HDR and don’t have to turn it on before I want to take a snapshot)

  3. Dovice, 10 hours agoGood to see Apple innovating and supporting their user base. Not. Emoticons eh? Lost for words… moreMacBook Pro has touch bar which is ergonomically better than touch display because you don’t have to raise your hands always and stylus is useless if you have a mouse/trackpad. The Apple Watch IS selling very well, it is the leader in Smartwatches with about 70% market share. And I don’t think it’s ugly, I like the design, but that depends on your taste. iPhone 7 is an evolution in every way which I prefer over throwing all knowledge away and start from scratch if it is already good. I also don’t know what you mean with “not so nice to use”, it has a design and size which fits good in hand. And the keyboard on MacBook is better than a normal keyboard. It’s thinner, it’s not as wobbly, it’s more durable, just better in every way. If you used it, you would know that you can get used to it. And the MacBook Pro is a complete different feeling because it uses the 2nd generation of the butterfly mechanism. You will see, with time others will also acquire it. And I’m not a fanboy just defending Apple. I wanted to clear your unnecessary hate and I also think it was a mistake not to add 4K to Apple TV. But not all decision apple makes are crap, in contrast most of them are very good and well thought.

  4. Sg -boy, 9 hours agoIf u want high res display ,do yourself and buy a to instead. Iphone display is good enough an… moreok…lots of typos i think…i dunno why phones need high resolutions…its fun for vr but not practical…thats what you think..its the same screen size..smaller not much increase in battery use..yea interface may take a toll…
    anyways….i’m only pointing out the mistake from the writer’s part

  5. AzureLord, 10 hours agofor 6/6S/7 Plus retina display IS high. as it’s FHD display. (not compared to android that is…. moreokay..agreed..fhd i good till 5.5 inches..but the point is iOS is released almost simultaneously for both ipad and iphone…i’m still waiting for tablets to put the increased screen size to good use..i use swiftkey on my droid, so i did the same thing with my ipad…and aaargh no numpad..i mean its 9.7inches..thats about the size of a small keyboard in itself

  6. I switched from iPhone 6 to S7 Edge and I miss Apple keyboard after getting used to for 3 years!

  7. Guess Apple came 2nd this time since android had it first with the release of nougat…

  8. Anonymous, 8 hours agoGuess Apple came 2nd this time since android had it first with the release of nougat…And by second meaning that billions of devices will have access to it, while with nugget only a few million will.

  9. viveksubhash, 8 hours agookay..agreed..fhd i good till 5.5 inches..but the point is iOS is released almost simultaneous… moreHmm… considering that’s just SIZE issue… in my PoV I don’t see the need to add SPECIFICALLY for that the need for a Numpad… I mean. sure. it’s helpful. but did you know that to restrict that feature to TABLETS only, you need to write codelines in an amount that is equal to a hefty 1.7 MB?

  10. AzureLord, 4 hours agoHmm… considering that’s just SIZE issue… in my PoV I don’t see the need to add SPECIFICALL… morewe learn something new everyday..nice to know…
    but considering that these ppl are making keyboards that work in a 100 or so languages(slight exaggeration here), and allowing multiple languages in a single keyboard at once, you could add in some code for a number row…and iphones are not 4inches anymore..the numpad can be added to that too…

  11. viveksubhash, 4 hours agowe learn something new everyday..nice to know…
    but considering that these ppl are making ke… moreit’s the developer’s decision. really. all in all, you’re right.

  12. Again with the “retina display” bull. Its not some special tech. Its just a way to say at x distance you can not see a pixel. So why do people talk about it like it is something technologically special?

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