Google Pixel users reporting a major camera issue

A number of Google Pixel owners have reported that the Pixels camera (Pixel XL is affected too) having an issue. And no, this is now about the halo effect or sun flare that Google has already addressed. The issue is more intrusive and pertains to the cameras app.

A member of the Pixel User Community first started a thread on October 27 regarding the issue hes been having with the Pixels camera. It freezes up with pink/purple vertical lines very regularly although not all the time. Fox writes.

He was instructed to clear the cache, data, and factory reset his device to no avail. Even safe mode was not able to circumvent the issue at hand. Once the issue does happen, the user has to perform a soft reset by holding the volume down key + power key.

Some Google Pixel users reporting a major camera issue

Source: Google Product Forum

Since the issue went up on the Google Product Forums, many users have chimed in with the same issue, accumulating more testimonies for Google to troubleshoot. Some of these users, mostly with international Pixel devices, have discovered that the issue happens when the handset is in an area with poor signal reception and that the issue doesnt persist when the phones Aeroplane mode is switched on.

On October 28, just the day after the issue first went up, a Googler commented that they were going to investigate further and reply via email. We don’t know if that person was emailed, but the issue page has not been updated since.

Mobile Syrup picked up the story just today and has already contacted Google on behalf of Pixel owners wishing for a fix. Lets hope the fix is as simple as a firmware update or Google will have a hard time recalling these units.

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Some Google Pixel users reporting a major camera issue

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Some Google Pixel users reporting a major camera issue

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Some Google Pixel users reporting a major camera issue

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Some Google Pixel users reporting a major camera issue

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15 thoughts on “Google Pixel users reporting a major camera issue

  1. There is a whole article about an “issue” here. But you haven’t really mentioned what exactly is the issue or the symptoms.

  2. Can firmware/software update fix this thing ? Man i think this one is hardware issue

  3. Restart is the laziest excuse in the book. Old HTC Camera bug issue as usual

  4. I have Pixel XL but can’t understand the issue. I have observed purple flare issue while shooting directly against bright Sun and I have evidence for the same but what is the other one they are talking about?

  5. The well known HTC camera effect! I have had this on most of my HTC phones.
    Any they were proud to release stats that claimed they had the best mobile phone camera…duh!

  6. Too bad we couldn’t share pics to show others of what the problem is. Who pays a lot of money for a phone with this sort of flaw. I am so disappointed in my Google pixel xl phone. The note 7 was a far better phone. Google wants even more money for their phones and it has been over a month. I believe they need to do something about the issue.

  7. its ok … google can fix it with software update … dont worry , bowl curry

  8. Anonymous, 2 hours agoits ok … google can fix it with software update … dont worry , bowl curryWhy haven’t they came up with a solution? We should be able to download pics so others can see the issues. It’s been longer then a month and something should have been done by now. I tried to post my review and it has not shown up. I am not a fan of the Google pixel xl phone. I miss the note 7 and a much better phone when compared. Looking forward to the note 8.

  9. If not for note 7.. this phone won’t have these issues. So little people would have bought it that the bugs are never found.

  10. Who’s at fault here, HTC who made the phone or Google the one who master minded the concept?

  11. They charge top dollar for this phone to have quite a few hardware flaws. And some tech reviewers call this as the best android experience ever. Pffft!

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