Android Pay arrives in New Zealand

Following its recent launches in Hong Kong and Poland, Android Pay is now available in New Zealand, more than four months later than for neighboring Australia. So Google’s mobile payments system is continuing its excruciatingly slow worldwide rollout unfazed, one country at a time.

Android Pay can be used in New Zealand everywhere contactless payments are accepted. This includes shops and restaurants such as The Warehouse, Dominos, BP, BurgerFuel, and McDonalds. As always, you only need to wake your phone and place it near the contactless terminal in order to make a payment using Android Pay. Your actual card number isn’t shared with the stores when you pay.

Android Pay arrives in New Zealand

Thankfully, businesses that have contactless payment terminals installed across the country don’t need to do anything in order to enable Android Pay functionality, it will just automagically work.

There is one caveat, however. If you want to be an Android Pay user in New Zealand, you’ll need to have a BNZ Flexi Debit Visa card. It looks like that’s the only supported card for now, so if you have another type (or one from another bank), you’re out of luck. If you are in New Zealand, own an Android device which supports NFC, and have the aforementioned Visa card, then head on over to the Play Store to grab the Android Pay app and start shopping.


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Android Pay arrives in New Zealand

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Android Pay arrives in New Zealand

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Android Pay arrives in New Zealand

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Android Pay arrives in New Zealand

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11 thoughts on “Android Pay arrives in New Zealand

  1. Only BNZ cards? Do they not want lots of people to use this or something?

  2. aceofgenerations, 20 hours agoOnly BNZ cards? Do they not want lots of people to use this or something?Nah the banks here really don’t like working with outside sources like this. We had semble which was joint owned by 4 major banks, only three used the services and it died anyway.

  3. Android Pay is already working in New Zealand since a year now. It is not just limited to BNZ card. I have ANZ account with Visa debit card and my Nexus 5 works anywhere by holding it on EFTPOS payment machine, as long as the businesses have enabled the Pay’n’wave system for payments.

  4. Here is the problem. Even when it is supported in a country, it is for a particular bank with a particular type of card. In any case, you still need to carry the card for other use cases like money withdrawal from ATM or when the phone battery runs out.

  5. Its funny because its anither American company they have not mentioned apple once here, rightly so, but if it were about Samsung pay, it would be so infected, you would think it was an apple advert, check it out.

  6. ProJames, 22 hours agoDuring that time in Canada…Precisely!
    Absolutely NOTHING is happening up here :'(
    Common Samsung – stop dragging your feet

  7. Anonymous, 14 hours agoCanada Canada Canada Canada…….I 2nd, 3rd & 4th that!!

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