OnePlus Bullets V2 review

The market for affordable earphones is unfortunately littered with the same sort of options; cheaply made in-ear designs with bass-heavy sound that has forever tainted the perception of the masses for what good sound is. Even when the big brands enter this space, they dont try too hard to make something good because they are afraid they will jeopardize their more expensive products.

OnePlus Bullets V2 review

But like with other product categories, some of the Chinese companies are now trying to revolutionize this segment as well, offering competitively priced products with performance that youd expect from something thats much more expensive. Enter, the OnePlus Bullets V2.

From the name you can tell this is a second-generation variant of the original model, called the OnePlus Silver Bullets. I havent had any experience with those, unfortunately, but I will tell you what these are like.


The first thing that struck me about the Bullets V2 is how well made they are. The casing is made out of aluminum with chamfered edges and a brushed metal finish. The remote has large, usable buttons with tactile feedback that was easy to use. Even the packaging is very elegant and attractive. These look and feel like premium earphones.

OnePlus Bullets V2 review

Unfortunately, they arent perfect. While the flat cable is generally tangle-free, it tends to retain the bends every time you fold it. My pair hasnt even lost the bends it had when it was originally packaged and it looks like I will never get rid of them.

The back edge of the metal earphones also tend to dig into my ears a bit. Well, the right ear to be precise while the left one was fine. This made it difficult to wear them for a long period of time. I admit, however, that this will vary from person to person and not everyone will have this issue due to their ear shape.

Overall, though, the Bullets V2 are quite well made and feel like they can take a bit of everyday abuse. And as a bonus, they look great, too.


The design might be good but the performance of the Bullets V2 really takes the cake. These are some of the most natural sounding earphones Ive heard at any price range. Its so refreshing to not have that same old flabby bass response coming out of these for a change and instead a more measured, restrained thump that allows the other frequencies to shine through. This means the mids and highs can come through without being overshadowed.

OnePlus Bullets V2 review

The overall sound is just so well balanced that you can listen to practically anything on these and it will all sound great. Theres also a fair bit of detail and richness to the sound and the soundstage is just about wide enough to get a sense of airiness without it being too focused in the middle. All in all, a very enjoyable experience.


The OnePlus Bullets V2 are priced at just $20. For that price they are an absolute steal. Its a pair of well designed, well built earphones that also happen to sound fantastic. Youd have to spend a lot more to top that.


13 thoughts on “OnePlus Bullets V2 review

  1. the tech nerd, 10 hours agoAre they better than Sony xb50ex earphones?? This is a good question! I’ve just bought a pair of those Sonys. Can’t say too much about them though, cause I only listened 1 h to them. The other I was thinking to buy where these bullets. The reason because I chose the Sony was time. I needed a pair of decent headphones as quick as possible.

  2. Come on oneplus make some wireless headphones to beat apples earpods at half the price.

  3. I’d love to see a comparison between these and the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro.

  4. The Cat, 9 hours agoI’d love to see a comparison between these and the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro.Xiaomi hybrid pro headphones are miles ahead of these.

  5. One Plus. this year was definitely exceeded all chapters, of LeEco. Therefore me decided to buy in December 2016, LeEco, by new PRO3 phone, that can rival any phone top level high. i tested him and subjected to “difficult” evidence which he passed with OKAY.
    I can only thank the LeEco because they gave me the opportunity to buy a phone at a fair price of the top high level to only…..300 euros.
    In closing i want to wish everyone, including the members site gsmarena (who blocked me many times, for reasons of the children) HAPPY NEW YEARS, to 2017 !!!
    Best regard fans of all brands of cell phones and wish HAPPY NEW YEARS.

  6. Main problem with cheaper earphones is that one stops working after a while. A year or two at most.

  7. Skyfall., 9 hours agoOne Plus. this year was definitely exceeded all chapters, of LeEco. Therefore me decided to bu… moreLeEco sucks. I’d go for Xiaomi or Lenovo, better quality for less.

  8. Anonymous, 9 hours agoXiaomi hybrid pro headphones are miles ahead of these.That’s what I assume too. But a comparison wouldn’t hurt considering they’re both priced similarly and offer a good price to performance ratio.

  9. I have at least 20 of these oem wired headphones, can’t they offer Bluetooth headphones some days or at discounted price at least.

  10. For the same price of these bullets you can have Cowon EK2. The EK2’s are miles ahead in terms of sound quality and resolution.

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