Android O could come out next week

Android O could come out next week

Developer Preview 4 of Android O was released last Monday (July 24), and it was a release candidate. Unless any major bugs are uncovered, the final version will come out soon perhaps as soon as next week.

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are first in line to get the new major OS version. It will bring Project Trebble, Autofill, kills off Blob emoji and brings many other changes.

Perhaps well even get to

learn what desert it is named after the current front runner seems to be oatmeal cookie.

Note that theres a chance the the O release will be pushed back. Last year, Android 7.0 Nougat started to roll out to Nexus devices on August 22.



18 thoughts on “Android O could come out next week

  1. Android O doesn’t “bring” Blob Emoji, it “kills” the Blob Emoji.

  2. Anonymous, 4 hours agoAndroid Okoy versionnope its OTEN…………

  3. Obi Wan Kenobi, 4 hours agoAndroid O doesn’t “bring” Blob Emoji, it “kills” the Blob Emoji.Right, of course. No, I’m crying, I have something in the eye (I like the blobs).

  4. Peter-B, 4 hours agoRight, of course. No, I’m crying, I have something in the eye (I like the blobs).True, those blobs managed to take emoji’s to their cutest heights. BTW on a completely unrelated note, I think someone is cutting onions near me! ;”P

  5. They are rolling out Android version like hot cakes these days.

  6. and everyone is excited… NOT.
    seriously anything abut this version is even remotely worthwhile? they bring / improve SafetyNet which basically means effin off rooted users (which quite often do that to block ads, hence killing Google revenue, it’s not for the user safety pardon me…), autofill API because nothing spells more security like storing all your date and credentials in your phone (and this is funny in contrast to the SafetyNet, lol)… rest – gimmicks…

  7. Hey guys samsung galaxy a5 2017 is now marshmallow
    After getting nougat on a5 2017 it will get( O )update. Let me know plz

  8. Blob emojis are stupid, Im using the new O’s thubs up for next week.

  9. Planning to download Android O ASAP because I can’t stand the blob emojis. I can change it for Textra but it will still show the yellow blobs in other apps while on SwiftKey. I never understood why Google added such ugly emojis? Ewww!

    This is why I plan to stick to Google Pixel like Kim Kardashian’s loyalty to BlackBerry and physical QWERTY. She used a BlackBerry Bold 9900 for five years! That’s loyalty although she doesn’t seem to have it with men in her life.

    I hope it does get released next week or within this month. I usually don’t like to update my firmware but in this case, I want to do it sooner. The expected bugs will be there though and memory leaks. Oatmeal Cookie looks decent enough.

    I actually prefer Marshmallow over Nougat. My QuickPic and Opera Mini on my V20 with 7.0 crashes occasionally. My G5 still on Marshmallow doesn’t do that. It’s nearly as smooth as my Pixel with 7.1.2.

    Android purists need to stick with the Pixel line like Kim loves BlackBerry and black c0ck. Reap the benefits of the fastest updates and no carrier molestation. Samsung Galaxy = FAKE Android experience.

  10. android oten is coming.
    Good, I only just got 7.1.1 on my Moto Z Play and still 7.0 on my Note 5, so I guess it’ll be another 6 months for Android O.
    Please update the Android O on the new Nokia phones please??? You said you are going to promise us???

  11. Zeus Technologies, 3 hours agoErmmm, why is this news?Because everyone thought it would be Android Oreo instead of Oatmeal Cookie 😉

  12. Hope note8 and v30 launch with it and hope its android oreo and they change that creepy octupus

  13. I’m Pixel owner and I will get Android O firstly 😛
    But I’m not tired of Android 7.1.1

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