The best Sky Q TV packages, deals and offers in September 2017

The best Sky Q TV packages, deals and offers in September 2017

Every week we take a look at the latest Sky TV packages, deals and special offers to make sure that you’re getting the very best prices when you decide to sign up! So if you’re trying to decide which Sky TV offer is for you, what a Sky Q box is and if you can afford it or even if you should be getting one in the first place – you’re in the right place!As you scroll down the page, we’ll discuss the latest Sky TV packages, offers and any special deals and walk you through the larger bundles with the optional extras like Sky Cinema and Sky Sports.

This is a great time to sign up as Sky has just reduced two of its best bundles by knocking £7 off the monthly fee, meaning you’re saving £126 over the course of the contract.

How to watch the Mayweather v McGregor fight

The Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor fight is a pay-per-view Sky Sports Box Office event in the UK. As such, you’ll need to be an existing Sky TV customer and all set up by Saturday night August 26 at midnight.

You can order access to the fight for £19.95 / €24.95 over on this Sky Sports Box Office page. Or, if you’re of the mind that it’ll be all over very quickly, just pop into a pub showing it at midnight on Saturday.

Signing up with Sky: what you need to know first

As things stand today, you’ll first need to select one of the top three Sky TV packages below then add additional channel bundles via the options on Sky’s website if you want sports etc. There’s no bespoke Sky Sports package by default at the moment, but you can add it after selecting the initial bundle, by just scrolling down and looking for the Sky Sports offers to bolt-on.

Are there any Sky Q deals?

Yes! Actually, all of these Sky TV packages include a Sky Q box by default if you’re signing up as a new customer. When choosing your Sky TV package from the list of offers below, you’ll be presented with two Sky Q deals to choose from.

The default Sky Q box is the 1TB option with a one-off £20 setup cost. Opt for the 2TB Sky Q box though and that setup cost rises to a rather steep £199. That’s pretty harsh to be honest, although the monthly prices don’t change, so it is just the one-off cost to consider.

Alternatively, you can get the 2TB Sky Q box for £65 instead if you add Sky Q Multiscreen to your bundle for £12 a month. We’d get your channels sorted first, then maybe scroll back up to the Sky Q offers’ section once you have a better idea of the overall cost, which is handily updated throughout at the top of the screen.

Do I need a 2TB Sky Q box?

In addition to double the storage (that’s up to 1000 hours in standard definition) of the standard Sky Q box, the 2TB Sky Q deal comes with a few extra benefits. Such as being able to record six shows at once instead of three, while watching a seventh. You also get the fancier Sky Q Touch remote control, an extra tablet allowance, and the all-important party piece – you can enjoy select channels in Ultra HD. Which is great if you’ve recently taken advantage of a cheap 4K TV deal.

1. The best Sky TV packages:

Sky TV Original bundle | 18 months | 270+ channels | £20 set up | 1TB Sky Q box | £22 per month

If you’re looking for the cheapest option for a Sky TV package, prices start from £22 a month. You can always bolt on extras further down the line if you fancy some Sky Sports or extra movies. This package comes with a 1TB Sky Q Box as standard.

View deal: Sky TV Original bundle from £22pm

The best Sky Q TV packages, deals and offers in September 2017

The best Sky Q TV packages, deals and offers in September 2017

Sky TV Variety bundle | 18 months | 300+ channels | 4500 kids’ episodes | £20 set up | 1TB Sky Q box | £32 £25 per month
In the current Sky TV offer this package is only an extra £3 a month compared to the entry-level bundle. For just £25 a month you’re getting the Variety Sky package with an extra 30 channels and a huge 4500 episodes of kids’ TVG shows compared to the basic Original bundle.

View deal: Sky TV Variety bundle from £25pm

The best Sky Q TV packages, deals and offers in September 2017

The best Sky Q TV packages, deals and offers in September 2017

Sky TV Box Sets bundle | 18 months | 350+ channels | 4500 kids’ episodes | 350+ box sets | £20 set up | 1TB Sky Q box |  £38  £31 per month
Sky’s TV’s biggest package deal is also getting a massive £7 discount on the monthly fee and is excellent value for the power user. Sky has an excellent selection of box sets and you’ll never be short of new shows to watch on this £31 a month Sky package. You can currently enjoy Game of Thrones, Blacklist, Ray Donovan, Legion, Ballers, Twin Peaks, Supergirl and loads more. This is also the one to go for if you prefer watching channels in HD – see the extensive list of channels further down this page too see them all. Highlights include Sky Atlantic, Sky 1, Fox, Film 4 and many more. 3D TV owners can also get 3D options included on this tier for free.

View deal: Sky TV Box Sets bundle from £31pm

The best Sky Q TV packages, deals and offers in September 2017

2. Sky TV packages bolt-on extras

When you click through to any of the bundles above, you’ll be offered multiple extras to add to to your Sky package as you go. Everything from bigger Sky Q boxes, Sky Sports subscriptions, Sky Cinema, broadband and so on.

Note: If you’re clicking through to Sky from the Bolt-on sections below, rather than the contracts above, it may appear that the new cheaper rates aren’t available for the main contract, but click the package you want and you should see the discounted rate at the top of the page and at checkout.

The best Sky Q TV packages, deals and offers in September 2017

Sky Cinema | 18 months | £10pm
You can add Sky Cinema to your bundle for an extra £10 a month. Sky boasts that a new premiere is added everyday to the collection of over 1000 movies. There’s some very modern items in there too, ones you won’t find on Netflix UK at the moment either. Recent highlights include Doctor Strange, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Inferno, Finding Dory and more.

Add: Sky Cinema to your Sky TV package

The best Sky Q TV packages, deals and offers in September 2017

The best Sky Q TV packages, deals and offers in September 2017

Sky Sports Complete Pack | £27.50 per month (no contract)
Sky Sports Complete Pack | £20 per month (18 month contract)
Unlike the Sky Cinema add-on above, you don’t have to stick with Sky Sports over the course of your contract. So if you only need it for during the season of certain sports, you can always cancel it for a while to save some money. You do have to give 31 days’ notice, so plan accordingly to avoid missing the end of the season or being stuck with it for a month after.

With these Sky Sports bundles you get the following Sky Sports channels: Sky Sports Premier league, Sky Sports Football, Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Golf, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Arena and Sky Sports Main Event (for the world’s biggest sporting events).

You can get slightly cheaper options if you opt for fewer sports channels (getting just Sky Sports is £18 a month), or commit to an 18-month signup for the same package. Before checkout, you can also add a HD upgrade for the Sports channels for £6 a month.

To find the ‘no contract’ £27.50 a month offer, when presented with the two options, select ‘Choose your sports channels’ on the left then scroll down to the ‘Complete Sports Pack.’ Or, if you’re happy to have all the Sky Sports channels for 18 months, just choose the £20 a month option on the right.

View: Sky TV Sky Sports bundle add-ons

The best Sky Q TV packages, deals and offers in September 2017

The best Sky Q TV packages, deals and offers in September 2017

Sky Fibre Broadband | 18 months | £19.95 one off set-up fee | £20-30 per month
If you’re also looking for a broadband deal, then you can add one to your Sky package from as little as £20 a month. It all depends on what’s available in your area, you’ll need to enter your postcode to check. The cheapest £20 a month package only allows for 25GB of usage, so if you’re planning on streaming video content or using it for gaming (we’ve seen PS4 game patches bigger than 25GB) we’d go for one of the Unlimited data deals instead.

There are two Unlimited options (again, speeds depend on your postcode). We were offered prices from £23.99 per month for the slower tier and deals for the faster speeds started at £30.99 per month. As things stand, prices are discounted for the first 12 months, with a modest bump for the remaining six.

View: Sky TV and Broadband packages

The best Sky Q TV packages, deals and offers in September 2017

What Sky TV package is Game of Thrones on?

Game of Thrones season 7 is currently broadcast on Sky Atlantic, a channel that comes with all of the Sky TV deals mentioned on this page. You can also watch it after the original broadcast on the Sky Atlantic catch up channel that’s include with all packages. You can also use the Boxsets Sky package to catch up on all the past seasons too.

What HD Channels do I get on Sky TV?

With all packages you get at least the standard free to air HD channels. To be honest you also get a fair few of these with standard Freeview HD.


You’ll need to splash out on the £38 a month ‘Box Sets bundle’ in order to get the flashier HD channels. Once you do though, you’ll get access to the following channels as well:

Sky Atlantic HDSky 1 HDSky Living HDSky Arts HDSky News HDSky Sports News HDFox HDComedy Central HDSyfy HDDave HDFood HDMTV HDITV EncoreE HDW HDE4 HDFilm 4 HDMore 4 HDITV 2 HDITV 3 HDITV 4 HDTCM HDAnimal Planet HDHistory Channel HDNational Geographic HDNat Geo Wild HDDiscovery HDDisney Channel HDDisney Junior HDDisney XD HDCartoon Network HDNickelodeon HDNick Jr. HDBoomerang HDAlibi HDCrime and Investigation HDEden HDLifetime HDStar Plus HDTLC HDUniversal HDViceland HDSky Sports Mixc HDEurosport 1 HDEurosport 2 HD

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